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President:Anjana S (Principal in-charge)
Secretary:Johnson Antony (Dept. of General Education)
Treasurer:Biju (Office)
Joint Secretary:Ershad Khader (Dept. of Computer Engg.)
Executive Committee:

NSS (Unit:142)

National Service Scheme aims at education through community service. It is intended to arouse the social conscience of the student by preparing them to be useful to society.

The Specific objectives are to provide opportunities.

a) To work with and among the people

b) To engage in non violent constructive social action.

c) To enhance their knowledge of themselves and the community.

d) To put their scholarship to practical use in mitigating atleast some of the social problems.

e) To practice democratic leadership.

Membership in N.S.S. is voluntary and is strictly on selective basis. Each student is subject to its discipline and code of behavior. In our polytechnic one unit (Unit No. 142) of NSS is functioning properly. Some of the major programs are Plantation of sapling, Eye checking camp, Legal awareness, AIDES awareness. A Palliative care unit is started with the co-operation of Grama Panchayet Vandiperiyar, and Health Department. Thus the NSS activities are also extended to homeless and helpless old aged persons. The other milestone is the formation of “Anti-Drug Club”.

A total of 59 program were conducted , The main achievement are.
a) Establishment of a palliative care unit
b) Anti Drug Club Unit formation

Other Programmes are:-
Tree Plantation, eye checking camp, awareness programme on AIDS, Environment and Legal, Pipe composting Installation, Soft Skill Development program
c) 6 NSS Volunteers were selected as National games volunteers
d) Students were also participated in state level programmes

Co-ordinator: Heaba Fatima Ibrahim, Lecturer, Department of CABM



This is an era of awakening when modern man started to realize that his survival on this planet is inseparably connected with the survival of all plants and animals. Nature Club is an organization of staff and students of polytechnic which is trying to impart this vital knowledge of conservation of nature to the young generation.

Nature club in our institution conducted a camp under Kerala Forest department in Vallakkadavu Vanasree dormitory. 23 students participated and the camp held on 3 days from 11-03-2016 to 13-03-2016. The students got good appreciation from the forest faculty and the camp was an experience to our students.


1. To sensitise , create awareness, motivate and educate students about environment conservation.

2. New tree plantation , power point presentations on ecosystems.

3. To conduct field trip activities.

4. To conduct exhibitions on environment.

5. Environmental cleanliness.

6. To organise adventure activities.

7. To organise snake and dog byte awareness programme.

8. environment education camps.

9. Animal welfare activities.


Co-ordinator: Shaji MS, T/I, Department of Electronics Engg.


Ensure effective participation of all stakeholders, especially parents and teachers in the smooth running of the institution and attaining the objectives of the institution. Aim of the association is to have constant contact with the parents and elicit their cooperation in moulding the students as responsible citizens to meet the challenges of the time. Education conceived in this sense is a collaborative effort between the teachers, students, parents and institutions. Therefore to achieve this aim the cooperation of the parents with the teachers and the institution is very necessary. But in the present educational setup there is a wide gap between teachers and parents. In order to bridge this gap and create close ties between them for the welfare of the students, Govt. Polytechnic College, Vandiperiyar, sponsors the Parent Teachers Association.


President-Anjana S.

Vice President-

Secretary-Johnson Antony

Treasurer-Ershad Kadhar

Executive Members-

ED Centre (Entrepreneurship Development Club)

ED club in GPTC Vandiperiyar so as to promote the culture of entrepreneurship among the students and to equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to create a new “Enterprise” for the next generation. The ED club functioning in the polytechnic has a good track record of programmes conducted to identify and nurture the aptitude in the arena of entrepreneurship. One of the main objectives of the club is to change the mindset of the negative attitude prevailing in the state for taking entrepreneurship as a career.

Experience sharing and interaction with the leading successful entrepreneurs

Industrial visit to small, medium scale firms

Participate state level convention of ED club

Conducting seminar, Discussion, Classes, Workshops etc

Awareness programme on different avenues of students

Students from our institution participated the workshop on Personal Entrepreneurial Characteristics (W-PEC) conducted at Kerala Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, Kalamassery. They performed well and got the awards- Aswin Biju (for Best Performance), Aswin Biju and Mohammed Noufal as a team (for Best Business planner and Best Business), Nijil Jossery (for Best Negotiation skill) and Kishan Thampi (for Best Business creation).

Co-ordinator: Vipin V, Lecturer in Electronics Engg.

Finishing School

Aim of finishing school in college is to make the students excel in industries by enriching their personality and social adaptation skills.

Activities: Conducted Orientation classes and Seminar in the areas such as Interpersonnel relationship, Carrier and Guidance, Communication English, Gender Equality, Time Management, and Interview skills. Mock interviews were also conducted.

Department Associations

The Heads of Departments may, organise department associations – Electronics association, Computer association and CABM association, with special rules for their functioning. Each department association shall have an executive committee, consisting of a staff member, student members in various posts. These associations have conducted seminars, debates and Technical Competitions under the banner of association activities.


This programme conceived to aid the weaker students of the institution is named Scholar Support Programme. Under the project various Training Programmes and Special Classes are proposed for the students who need special attention.

The Scheme when implemented would be a great boost to the academic performance of the institution. The project is all the more important because it would be a helping hand to the economically and socially backward classes of the society as most of the students in this institution come from rural areas.

Students who are backward in their academic activities are to be found out and they should be given special care and attention to achieve their goal .We have already made some efforts in helping the students who are backward in their studies. But we could not achieve the expected target. That is why it is essential to take some more pain and time for the same .


Women’s Cell

With the advent of girls in the college, a Women’s Cell, was started in GPTC, Vandiperiyar. Women’s Cell conducts seminars, extension lectures, debates and speech competitions with a special emphasis on women and their role in the present-day society.  It organizes various social awareness programmes by experts like doctors, advocates etc., so as to help the students to understand empathetically the weak and the down trodden of the soceity. Women’s cell is also planning to start a ‘home made chocolate’ making with the help from EDC, CDTP and Kerala Start-up mission, to build student entrepreneurship and financial empowerment.


The objectives of the cell are:

1) To cultivate leadership skills in women.

2) To create an awareness about the social problems faced by women and to work for the uplift of women.

3) To make women realise their equal responsibility in building a society.

Co-ordinator: Asha Antony, Demonstrator, Department of Computer Engg.

Film Club

A Film club has been functioning in the college and its presence is conspicuously felt by the student community in the campus.

The objectives of the Film Club are :

To help students to make short video films

To give training in Direction, Script Writing, Acting, Videography and Computer Video Editing.

To create awareness and provide training in the new trends in film making.

To screen good films and evaluate them critically.

To conduct Seminars, Workshops, Quiz Competitions and Film Festivals.

Co-ordinator: Syamkumar KS, Demonstrator, Department of CT.

Continuing Education Cell (CEC)

Continuing education cell functioning in this campus as a sub-centre under the Centre for Continuing Education Kerala, since 2000. The aim of the sub-centre is to Meet the skill & competency requirements of technicians, industry, business and community, the sub centre of our institution is planning, managing and delivering programmes to meet the specific needs of socially and educationally backward community.

Co-ordinator: Anil V, Workshop Instructor, General Workshop